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The difference between hiring a professional cleaning company and a poor one is time: with Perth Vacate Cleaning, you get professional quality service in the shortest time.
In addition to having the right equipment and tools, we also understand the fundamentals of commercial cleaning. We thoroughly studied all aspects of deep cleaning, be it residential or commercial: we know about equipment, safety standards, the types of surface materials to be cleaned, the chemicals and their pH, how to use them effectively to avoid damage, hygienic conducts and much more!
Our commercial cleaning covers several establishments, such as offices, schools, universities, hospitals, nursing homes, among others.
We go beyond the basics to be done. We perform every MUST, SHOULD and WOULD LIKE to do’s to make your office look like brand new every day.
We know how soil spreads over the environment, and, for that reason, we don’t let a place go unnoticed!
We can find different types of soils in a commercial environment:

It is usually removed with dry procedures, such as vacuuming, dusting and sweeping. Loose dirt includes:
Garbage (paper, paper clips, sheets, etc.);
Dust (which accumulates on surfaces and circulates on the air).

It requires wet cleaning with chemical agents to remove dirt and stains from surfaces. Oily soils include:
Stains (food, drink and coffee marks on tables and furniture);
Oils (left by shoes or skin contact with handles and objects);
Scratches (which can be permanent or removable);
Spillages (liquids scattered over floors and surfaces);

Our professional office cleaning prevents the proliferation of germs and microbes in your work environment.
Many human diseases are caused by germs, bacteria or viruses.
Our goal is to reduce the number of germs and increase the health of those who work in your office.

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  • Empty bins and remove waste to the correct disposal;

  • Vacuum carpets and floors to remove dust, dirt and stains;

  • Wash the bathrooms thoroughly;

  • Clean the floor, doors, handles and other objects in all areas;

  • Clean tables, chairs, desks and other objects;

  • Clean the kitchen and other common areas.

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