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With Perth Vacate Cleaning, you leave your company in good hands to focus on what matters: your business. As professional cleaners, we know the importance of keeping the environment clean to contribute to the health and well-being of your team. When cleaning is carried out by those who understand the subject by using the right products and equipment for commercial cleaning, it is not only dirt and dust that are removed but also germs and other pollutants.
Our office cleaning is executed consciously. We are already thinking about the near future:

  1. We remove pollutants from the inside;
  2. We minimize the introduction of new pollutants into the office.

We clean each furniture and surface according to its material, such as glass, vinyl, metal, plastic, leather or fabric. Therefore, your furniture lasts longer and looks even better!
We perform both routine office cleaning and periodic office cleaning.
Periodic cleaning, also known as restorative cleaning, must be done in addition to routine cleaning. Although extremely well performed and thorough, periodic office cleaning does not prevent air conditioning ducts and ceiling from accumulating more dirt than usual. More time must be allocated for this kind of cleaning.
With Perth Vacate Cleaning, your office is not only clean but also safe.
When cleaning the bathroom during business hours, we make sure to block access to the area until it is dry. We use warning signs and barricades to prevent people from slipping on wet floors, as they are slippery.
If the environment is not properly cleaned, instead of removing germs from the environment, microbes can proliferate even further. It can spread infection and contaminate people. This is one of the main reasons you should hire reliable cleaning professionals that understand the subject thoroughly.
Are you curious about how poor cleaning procedures can contaminate your staff and make them sick? By using dirty equipment, such as clothes, buckets and mops, the dirt spreads from one environment to another.
At Perth Vacate Cleaning, we take the right steps to promote health and hygiene in your office. Our purpose is to perform a thorough office cleaning and keep it healthy for you and your employees, removing all dirt, stains, chemical agents and potential germs that cause infections and spread diseases!
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  • Empty bins and remove waste to the correct disposal;

  • Vacuum carpets and floors to remove dust, dirt and stains;

  • Wash the bathrooms thoroughly;

  • Clean the floor, doors, handles and other objects in all areas;

  • Clean tables, chairs, desks and other objects;

  • Clean the kitchen and other common areas.

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