Water Damage and Restoration

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Water Damage and Restoration

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Water Damage and Restoration

Over the past 12 years, Perth Vacate Cleaning has been specialized in water damage restoration for both commercial and residential throughout the Perth metropolitan area including any suburb from Mandurah to Yanchep. Our team members have been extensively trained to provide our clients the best experience they can have during the entire process, from the time we receive your call for quoting to the very end when the total restoration of your residence or workplace is completed.

If your home or commercial building presents any type of damage caused by water flooding, do not hesitate to contact Perth Vacate Cleaning for assistance at the most reasonable price.

Every case scenario is different and there will not be two types of water damage that are exactly the same.  It can vary from the amount of water involved until the type of material that was damaged. Diagnosis will take a few other factors into consideration before figuring out the best way to restore all the damages caused in your residence or commercial building.

We want to ensure that our clients are granted the best way to solve their problems. As part of our process, we will send one of our representatives to assess the damages in your building and, once on site, we will provide you with the exact quote and a detail description of all the services required.

Regardless of the amount of water involved it is certain that even the tiniest amount can initiate a problem that may become complex if no action is taken in a timely manner. So if you notice any large dark spots in the wall, damp smells or even the apparently innocent sound of dripping water, it can be signs of major water leaks that may lead to serious damages.

If this is the first time you have come across the damages caused by water or sewage it may be a good chance you have no clue on how to proceed in order to avoid a catastrophic outcome. Being in the cleaning industry for so long has enabled Perth Vacate Cleaning to take action efficiently and repair the area affected to bring it back to its original shape.

Apart from having extensively trained team members, we only use the most modern and powerful equipment which guarantee your residence or business will be decontaminated and dried out in a matter of minutes.

Therefore if you suffer from water damage and need an efficient and effective service provider do not hesitate to contact Perth Vacate Cleaning today for a free, no obligation, quote over the phone or onsite.


  • For both commercial and residential;

  • Total restoration of your residence or workplace;

  • Diagnose type of water damage and material damaged;

  • Repair the area affected;

  • Bring it back to its original shape;

  • Decontaminate and dry out;

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