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Terms and Conditions


  1. We appreciate your business and want to make sure we meet your expectations. By using our service, you have agreed to be bound by our terms and conditions and are satisfied with the overall service provided by our company.
  2. Your attendance to the property on the day of your booking is not compulsory. Keys can be left for us to get access to the property. Nonetheless, we require at least that the person responsible for booking the cleaning must be contactable by phone. If we cannot contact anyone before the service commences, we reserve the right to not carry out the service.
  3. We take full responsibility for any foreseeable damages that may be caused by our cleaners while carrying out the service, except for any damages during and/or after dismantling any item in order to clean it, including but not limited to oven's door, light fittings, silicon stripe in the bathroom, security door or fly screens, etc.. Perth Vacate Cleaning will not be responsible for any discolouration to ceilings or walls after cleaning. Notice of any damages must be provided within 48 hours of service.
  4. Photographic images will be taken before, during and at the end of the cleaning service, these images will be used for the purpose of recording before and after images for quality assurance and proof of limitations if applicable.
  5. Perth Vacate Cleaning require 100% of the total cost paid upfront. A copy of a valid ID will be required when signing the contract.
  6. Perth Vacate Cleaning accepts no responsibility for bonds held back by real estate agents or owners nor for additional rent charges or other such charges accrued.
  7. It is under the client’s responsibility to provide thoroughly access to property including parking at the nearest location. Any expenses related to car parking will be added to the service cost.
  8. Under no circumstances refund claims will be considered once the job has been completed.
  9. The client must agree to allow a re-clean/touch up clean or an inspection of any work deemed unsatisfactory before a third party is arranged to conduct service.
  10. Perth Vacate Cleaning reserves the right to cancel service (full refund to client); void service warranty (no refund provided); and/or cancel re-clean (no refund provided) if a client is abusive, unreasonable, threatening or intimidating to any of our team members.
  11. The job will be deemed completed if client does not raise up any issues 3 calendar days after the clean.
  12. Perth Vacate Cleaning services Perth Metropolitan area, from Yanchep to Mandurah. Property outside a 30km radius from Perth CBD will incur an additional travelling fee, starting from $50.



  1. All quotes are estimates only. Quotes are based on the estimates of an average house (one storey) and room sizes.
  2. Quotes over the phone / email are subject to inspection of the job/property before work commences. Excessively soiled areas found at properties or poorly maintained properties may incur extra charges which will be informed before work commences, or may result in service cancellation with a full refund to the client.
  3. Quotes obtained over the phone or online may be subjected to variation depending upon onsite inspection.
  4. If a quote variation is required, client will be notified before work commences. Once the quote variation is agreed, client is required to pay additional cost as soon as practicably possible. If the quote variation is not agreed, client may choose to cancel the whole service with the amount paid refunded within 3 business days. If quote variation is not agreed but client wish to proceed with the service, some items or all items of the service warranty will void.



  1. Booking cancelation: If client cancel a booking fewer than 24 hours in advance of the cleaning there is a $80.00 cancellation charge.
  2. Bookings on the weekends, public holiday and after business hours will incur a surcharge of $80.00.
  3. Perth Vacate Cleaning holds all rights to cancel the job if we deem the condition of the property to be unsuitable for the safety, health or wellbeing of our team members.
  4. Perth Vacate Cleaning reserves the right to re-schedule or cancel any job/bookings if the property is not as described either in condition or size, or if unexpected circumstances occur.
  5. Perth Vacate Cleaning reserves the right to reschedule or cancel a booking spot if payment is not received within 24 hours after booking confirmation email is sent.
  6. Perth Vacate Cleaning reserves the right to cancel a booking if payment is not received 48 hours prior to the scheduled clean.



  1. Standard vacate cleaning package includes one kitchen, one laundry, one oven, one living area and one dining area.
  2. No other activities shall be carried out during and after the day of cleaning. Activities include but not limited to plumbing work, painting work, electricity service. If other activities are carried out at the property during the clean, this will void the service warranty.
  3. Our team members are not responsible to move furniture or items around when cleaning the carpets. If cleaning behind or under a heavy item (weighted above 5kg) is required, clients will be required to move these items prior to the commencement of the service. No service warranty will be provided for that particular area if items are not removed.
  4. Perth Vacate Cleaning does not take responsibility for carpet stains caused by caustics or acids material that may not be removed after our cleaning service is performed. Additional charges apply.
  5. Apartments and units above ground level with no access to lifts may incur an additional charge, minimum of $50.00.
  6. We would like to inform that grout cleaning for the tiled areas is not part of our standard vacate cleaning package. Likewise, cleaning of ceiling and unreachable areas will not be included in our service unless previously arranged otherwise.
  7. All personal belongings are to be removed before the commencement of service. Perth Vacate Cleaning takes no responsibility for any damage or losses that may be caused at the time of the service.
  8. All rubbish is to be removed from the property, we will not be responsible for removal of any rubbish, for it to be inside or outside of the property. Service warranty will not be provided in such an event.
  9. Perth Vacate Cleaning reserves the right to not clean certain items if it is deemed risky or unsafe to our cleaners. Perth Vacate Cleaning also reserves the right to not clean items which are broken or likely to be broken if touched or cleaned by our team members.


Service Warranty

  1. Our service warranty is limited to the items object of the contract (cleaning checklist) which did not meet the standard expected by the client, their landlord or property manager. The exact location of the item and a fair explanation of why it did not meet the expected standard must be provided by the person who raised the complaint (i.e. touch up list accompanied with photos). Only one touch up list is allowed, no modification or alteration to the list is permitted after a request of re-clean has been made.
  2. On the date arranged to return to property, the person who raised the complaint must attend the property with our team member. If by any reason the property manager or landlord cannot attend the property, Perth Vacate Cleaning takes no responsibility for any work left outstanding.
  3. Our service warranty can only be invoked by our client, who is the person who booked the cleaning service from our company.
  4. The service warranty is only valid for up to 3 days (72 hours) after the date of the cleaning service and under the following conditions being met:
  • No building or maintenance work has been carried out at the property during or after the cleaning has been finished including but not limited to; renovation work, flooring replacement/repair, painting and decorating, plumbing or electrical work and other such similar services.
  • The property being vacant on the day of cleaning and continue being vacant afterwards with no person(s) or animal(s) remaining there;
  • The property has not been left open or unlocked, unattended or has had a security breach and had unwanted patrons enter after the cleaning service;
  • The property has not been damaged in any way, be this from weather conditions or other such acts of nature, accidents by an external party or the client or animals left in the property during or after the cleaning;
  • The property must be in a liveable and reasonable condition at the time of the service taking place for the service warranty to be honoured, this includes but is not limited to meeting the following criteria:

* The property is not excessively damaged and/or dirty, be this cosmetic or structurally – old properties with severe wear and tear will not be eligible for service warranty;

* The property must have working electricity with safe and usable electrical outlets, must have working lights in all rooms and must have running hot water.

* Some items will be subject to wear and tear or may be unable to be cleaned, in these instances, if identified, no warranty will apply to these areas or items. Client will be notified.

  1. Service warranty does not include certain items:
  • Mould and grout – we do our best to remove mould and grout from areas such as kitchen and bathroom. However, they can be imbedded into silicon or other areas where specialist services will be needed to restore back to a normal state.
  • Discolouration – we try our best to clean all items but discolouration happens with normal wear and tear of the property. Often grout, toilets and plastics can discolour and specialist services will be needed to restore back to original colour.
  • Tile and natural rock stains – due to the composition of tiles or benchtops, it is not possible to remove stains without specialist intervention.
  • External windows, glass and outside areas – these items/areas are not warranted due to weather circumstances. Examples of outside areas include balconies and patios, or any area that cannot be completely closed off.
  1. Touch up list with photos must be provided to Perth Vacate Cleaning within 3 days (72 hours) after the clean.
  2. After a re-clean, Perth Vacate Cleaning will warrant any work for one day. If we have not heard from the client within one day (24 hours), we will consider the re-clean to have addressed any issues under the service warranty and consider the job completed.
  3. The service warranty only covers the cleaning of the unsatisfactory items at the property mentioned in the ‘touch up list’, client is not entitled to have the entire cleaning package nor additional items redone.
  4. The service warranty will only be honoured on the same clean at the same property up to a maximum of 2 times, Perth Vacate Cleaning will cease to re-attend to the property in dispute of that clean.
  5. After 3 days when the warranty expires, the Payment of a minimum fee of $80.00 will be requested upfront the return of a re-clean.
  • Request for a touch up clean within 3 days: free of charge
  • Request for a touch up clean after 3 days, but within 7 days from the day of initial clean: minimum $80.00
  • Request for a touch up clean more than 7 days after the initial clean: minimum $120.00
  1. Client must provide Perth Vacate Cleaning with a minimum of 5 days for a touch up clean to be completed upon receiving a complete touch up list.


If you require further clarification about the terms and conditions of the service warranty, do not hesitate to contact us on +61 432 101 870.