Carpet Cleaning

Being among the best requires a lot of experience and knowledge. At Perth Vacate Cleaning you find both! With years of experience and to offer the best carpet cleaning service in the region, we are constantly specializing ourselves within the cleaning area and training our professionals to perform a carpet cleaning of extraordinary level and skill. Understand why we are the best at what we do:

We know in depth the materials used in carpets.

In Australia, the three largest types of fibres used in carpets are nylon, wool and polypropylene.



Nylon is the most used because it is cheaper than wool and also lasts longer. Besides, carpets made of this material are easier to clean and maintain.



Wool is a material resistant
to dirt and most stains on carpets.



Polypropylene fibres don't fade the colour of the carpet, making it ideal for outdoor areas.

We understand how a carpet gets dirty. Therefore, we know how to clean it efficiently.

A carpet dirt process is continuous so that carpet cleaning must be carried out from time to time. The three biggest agents that cause carpets to become dirty are:

By recognizing this, Perth Vacate Cleaning studied in-depth how each type of dirt impacts and damages your carpet, so that when the time comes, we can clean it wisely for you.

Stains removal on carpets? We understand that too!

We can distinguish all possible kinds of stains that soil any carpet, including inorganic, organic, oil-based, coloured or a combination of any of them. May it be wine, juice, sauces, coffee, blood, urine or gum? We know how to identify each type of stain and also understand the procedures that cover its removal, including the use of the correct cleaning product, temperature, agitation and exposure time of the carpet to the already mentioned techniques.

We know exactly which products and chemical agents are best for each type of carpet and how to use them correctly.

Before using any chemical agent, it is extremely important to understand its composition, and also how and where it should be used. Otherwise, you can damage your carpet for real. For instance, if the detergent is too strong (or not diluted properly), it can damage the surface of the carpet and even fade its fibres. Even worse, it can leave a sticky residue behind, one that is difficult to remove.

Here are the top 3 reasons
to get your carpet cleaned right now:

1. Be healthy

Health is the main reason for you to clean your carpet frequently. Carpets act as filters inside your home or office by absorbing dirt, fumes and animal fur. Clean carpets decrease the exposure of you and your family to pollutants that can cause irritations, allergies or even skin problems.

2. Extend the life of your carpet

Routine carpet cleaning is highly recommended by manufacturers as this habit not only maintains the appearance of your carpet but also increases its durability. Dirt is the number one enemy of carpet for being its biggest destroyer. Modern carpets are designed to hide dirt. So, by the time the dirt becomes visible on the surface, it may be too late to reverse the damage it caused.

3. Keep your carpet elegant

Appearance is by itself one of the main reasons to keep your carpet always clean. There is nothing better than a warm and comfortable environment to spend your free time.

At Perth Vacate Cleaning our main objective is to perform a complete carpet cleaning and keep it healthy for you and your family by removing all dirt, stains, chemical agents and potential allergens that irritate the most sensitive people, and also to avoid air contamination inside your home!

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