How to choose the ideal vacate cleaner

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How to choose the ideal vacate cleaner

Cleaning team
January 7, 2019

To get your full bond back, it is essential that the property receive adequate cleaning when moving. And that’s why many tenants decide to hire end of lease cleaning companies and professional cleaners. However, to do so, you need to research which companies are reliable and will bring you a high quality cleaning and give you your bond back, and which professionals are not fulfilling the cleaning obligation. Many tenants who don’t research the companies they choose, end up having to do the cleaning themselves, spending a lot more money and time than they would if they had hired a good cleaning service. So to save you a headache, here are some golden rules to follow before hiring the right cleaner.

Rule #1: Ask for Documentations

A professional cleaner will always have in hands the documentation you need to know that he will do a great job. Always ask for documents such as quotation, invoice, public liability insurance and police clearance, since they can be the proofs to the property manager if there’s any problem with the cleaning. If the professional can’t give you such documents, keep your distance from him, as this means that he isn’t in business for a long time and probably doesn’t have the right equipment and products for the type of cleaning you are looking for.

Rule #2: Ask for Bond Back Guarantee

The promise of full bond back has become quite common among a vacate cleaner over the years. This means that if there’s any problem during the manager’s inspection, the cleaners will come back to fix them, ensuring that you get all your money back. If you can hire professionals who offer your full bond back, why don’t do so?

Rule #3: Ask for a Referral

There is nothing like having a reference, to make sure that the professional’s work is good or not. Look for the site or Facebook, to see the reviews and comments about the company’s work. If you can’t find it, ask the property manager for a vacate cleaner of his choice. And if he doesn’t have one, ask your neighbors, friends or other person who has hired any cleaning service before.

Rule #4: Ask for Carpet and Floor Cleaning

It isn’t all end of lease cleaning companies that have the necessary equipment or products to clean the floors and carpets. Never forget to ask what services are offered by the company, and to have everything detailed in the quote before agreeing to the price you will pay. A professional should always know the products and equipment suitable for use on any surface.

Rule #5: Ask for Multiple Quotations

It’s very important to contact several companies to be able to compare their quote and services before hiring a specific one. Contacting at least three cleaning companies, the client will know that a company that provides a more detailed quotation is usually more reliable than the one submitting a draft quotation.

Moving out can be easy. Just choose the right professionals to work with.


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