Your vacate cleaning checklist


The best way to get out of your hassle-free lease is to arrange the vacate cleaning in an appropriate amount of time. Here are some tips to make your next bond clean a success. Step-by-step Guide One month before end of lease Your carpets must be professionally cleaned before you vacate the property. Hire vacate…

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How to choose the ideal vacate cleaner

Cleaning team

To get your full bond back, it is essential that the property receive adequate cleaning when moving. And that’s why many tenants decide to hire end of lease cleaning companies and professional cleaners. However, to do so, you need to research which companies are reliable and will bring you a high quality cleaning and give…

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Vacate cleaner fails to provide cleaning services

Someone cleaning the balcony

Accused by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) of failing to provide cleaning services and for making false and misleading statements, Deepak Verma from Brisbane will have to pay more than $10,000. Deepak Verma operated an online company offering pest control and cleaning services to customers in Queensland. There were six counts of failing to…

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Landlords take advantage of customers: “The house is cleaned but there’s no bond back”

Landlords in Australia

Landlords and property managers from NSW are saying that properties haven’t been properly cleaned as an excuse not to return the full bond, and thereby shafting millions from tenants. A survey by UrbanYou showed that one in five NSW tenants were stolen about $1224 just like that. There are 821,830 rental bonds lodged in the…

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End of lease cleaners cheats australian tenants: “There was bird poo on the carpet”

Vacuum cleaner

Before hiring end of lease cleaners, it’s necessary a well done research. Statistics point out that Australian tenants are increasingly seeking help from professionals to do the end of lease cleaning. NSW Fair Trading, in two previous years, received approximately 200 claims, only in the state, about final cleaning services. Depending on the size of…

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